Country Naturals

When you think of the country, you imagine rolling green fields, gardens bursting with fresh vegetables and hearty meals served up from the goodness of the land.

A goodness that comes from the full flavour of pure and natural ingredients without anything else to get in the way. It’s that natural goodness that inspired us to create Schneiders® Country Naturals.

Canada’s first and only family of prepared meats crafted with authentic, wholesome and recognizable ingredients like lemon juice, sea salt and vinegar, Schneiders® Country Naturals products help your family experience meat the way it’s supposed to taste. Quite simply put, it’s just the good stuff.

* Beyond those naturally occurring preservatives and nitrites in the ingredients. Sea Salt and Cultured Celery Extract Contain Naturally Occurring Nitrites.

Country Naturals

Hot Dogs


Sliced Meats

Smoked Sausages

Fresh Sausages

Frozen Chicken

Frozen Burgers

Sausage Snacks