A little bit about us

For over 120 years, Schneider Foods has been bringing people together to make moments even better with quality meats. Our products are a special part of your traditions, used in family recipes passed down from generation to generation, enjoyed daily and served with pride.

Schneiders® is the name you can trust as one of Canada’s largest producers of premium quality food products that include ultra-convenient lunch kits, restaurant-quality and ready-to-serve meals for busy families. Our promise is that you can taste the difference quality makes.

Country Naturals

When you think of the country, you imagine rolling green fields, gardens bursting with fresh vegetables and hearty meals served up from the goodness of the land.

A goodness that comes from the full flavour of pure and natural ingredients without anything else to get in the way. It’s that natural goodness that inspired us to create Schneiders® Country Naturals.

No Preservatives Added

Canada’s first and only family of prepared meats crafted with authentic, while some and recognizable ingredients like lemon juice, sea salt and vinegar, Schneiders Country Naturals products help your family experience meat the way it’s supposed to taste. Quite simply put, it’s just the good stuff.

  • No preservatives added*
  • No artificial ingredients, colours or flavours
  • No additives
  • No MSG or by-products

*Beyond those naturally occurring preservatives and nitrites in the ingredients.

Raised Without Antibiotics

You love your family and you want them to be healthy. That’s a given. But nowadays, with antibiotics and preservatives finding their way into grocery store products more and more, it’s harder than ever to know what’s making its way onto your dinner table.

Schneiders® Country Naturals is food from a simpler time. A time when you didn’t need to check the label before buying sliced turkey, bacon strips, or even juicy sausages. After all, knowing exactly what you’re feeding the people you love doesn’t just help you keep them healthy, it gives you peace of mind. That’s why we are committed to offering products that are raised without antibiotics and preservatives. The way it’s supposed to be.

Look for the Raised Without Antibiotics logo on the participating Schneiders® Country Naturals products.

Gluten Free

For some, going gluten-free is a choice. For others, it’s a necessity. But they’ll all tell you that it isn’t as easy as just avoiding wheat. Gluten, it seems, has found its way into everything – even the meat section. And staying away from it can be a real inconvenience.

Schneiders® Country Naturals offers a wide variety of products, including sliced meats, bacon, ham, wieners, sausages, etc. that are certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association. We offer food from a simpler time. Before gluten made its way into the meat section.

Look for “Gluten Free” on the packaging of participating Schneiders® Country Naturals products.